The Fire Wish– A Review

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The Fire Wish– A ReviewThe Fire Wish by Amber Lough
Series: The Jinni Wars #1
Published by Random House Kids on July 22, 2014
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Pages: 320
Format: Print, Hardcover
Source: Borrowed

Two girls lives change drastically one day when Zayele makes a wish on Najwa, a jinni who looks just like her. A war between the jinni and the humans have both girls behind enemy lines with no way to escape. Separately they must learn as much as they can about their respective situation and try to escape. Along the way they both discover love in their enemy’s home. This fantastical tale weaves a story of great feeling and adventure.

My Thoughts

The Fire Wish is an enjoyable book for anyone interested in fantasy fiction. This book is strong in the use of the world Lough has set it in. The description of the world is extremely well done. Readers will finish this book wishing to go to the Jinni cavern as well as the palace in Baghdad. This is a richly described world that will leave readers aching for more descriptions. World building is a highly important aspect of any fantasy book and this one does not disappoint. It uses the idea of jinni in lamps a little but breaks apart from that by making the jinni more humanistic.

This book does have a few weaknesses however. Both Najwa and Zayele experienced a sort of insta-love with the respective men in the enemy area they find themselves. The feelings of instant love are often seen in YA novels. These feelings felt a bit unreal at times. It felt too fast for Zayele to fall for Atish and Najwa for Kamal. Najwa and Kamal were not too hard to understand, but Atish and Zayele felt especially fast. Readers could feel a disconnect with the characters throughout the book due to these instant love connections.

Ultimately, this book is a great fantasy to enjoy. It is not of the highest fantasy quality, but it is enjoyable to readers nonetheless. The world is well crafted and provides a unique look at the myths of jinni. The war within the book provides some great lessons by the end of the book. And, while the insta-love is a little off-putting, it is also refreshing to see these characters falling for the supposed enemy in a war. It puts hope into the reader that love can be found anywhere. This is a fun fantasy and is worth the read.


Readers after finishing this book may not want to be done with it. One great activity would be to create maps of the cavern and the palace. Within the book a map of the palace is mentioned so readers can re-create that visually for themselves. The cavern was well described and readers could have fun exploring the world of the jinni through their map creation.

Readers should also read A Thousand and One Nights to see the origins of the myth of jinni and compare it to this book in a group discussion.

Related Resources

The tale of the jinni came about in the collection of stories called A Thousand and One Nights. Readers should be aware of these stories and may find interest in continuing their reading with more in a fantastical Middle-Eastern world.

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After finishing this book readers may want to continue in this world Lough has created. Luckily for them, this is the first book in a duology. Readers can pick up Lough’s second book The Blind Wish and continue with Zayele and Najwa.

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Published Review

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While this book isn’t perfect, it’s definitely a fun read. I’m glad I picked it up! I don’t think I ever would have if it wasn’t for this class.

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