Defy the Worlds– A Review

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Defy the Worlds– A ReviewDefy the Worlds by Claudia Gray
Series: Defy the Stars #2
Published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers on April 3, 2018
Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Action & Adventure
Pages: 480
Format: Audiobook, Overdrive, Print, Hardcover
Source: Borrowed, Bought

This is the thrilling and romantic sequel to Defy the Stars from the New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars: Lost Stars and Bloodline.

An outcast from her home -- Shunned after a trip through the galaxy with Abel, the most advanced cybernetic man ever created, Noemi Vidal dreams of traveling through the stars one more time. And when a deadly plague arrives on Genesis, Noemi gets her chance. As the only soldier to have ever left the planet, it will be up to her to save its people...if only she wasn't flying straight into a trap.

A fugitive from his fate -- On the run to avoid his depraved creator's clutches, Abel believes he's said good-bye to Noemi for the last time. After all, the entire universe stands between them...or so he thinks. When word reaches him of Noemi's capture by the very person he's trying to escape, Abel knows he must go to her, no matter the cost.

But capturing Noemi was only part of Burton Mansfield's master plan. In a race against time, Abel and Noemi will come together once more to discover a secret that could save the known worlds, or destroy them all.

In this thrilling and romantic sequel to Defy the Stars, bestselling author Claudia Gray asks us all to consider where--and with whom--we truly belong.

My Thoughts

When I initially started this series with Defy the Stars I was instantly drawn in. I’d gotten the book from an Uppercase Box and I was absolutely ecstatic, especially since the book was signed already. I even have a magnet (from that box) on my fridge. I absolutely loved that book and I was excited to see what else Claudia Gray was going to do. I was under the impression after the first book that this was going to be a duology, but boy was I wrong. Be forewarned, there will be a third book. I was not expecting that so when the end of the book came around I was like… wait… this can’t be the end. There’s too much left to do. And of course, that’s because there’s a whole other book (with no release date yet) to come! Anyways, onto my review!

If you loved the first book then this one will not disappoint. This book was an adventure, just as much as the first book. I really enjoyed this book because it dove into the human reactions of Abel, as well as the mechanical aspects of him as well. In this book you also get the chance to see how badly things can go with science, or how great (looking at you Abel, you adorable mech, you). This book dives into scientific discoveries and the issues they may pose. It dives into class issues and the problems of the powerful doing what’s best for them.

In this book you’ll really get to know Noemi a lot better. I feel like the last book focused primarily on her reactions to Abel, but this book you get a whole lot of Noemi. She has to discover what she’s fighting for and why she’s fighting. She has to find her place in the worlds and do what she can to help her planet. I loved getting to see her kick butt and take names in this book. She’s fierce and powerful. I really loved her character development in this book. It was subtle, unlike the whirlwind of last book, but it was important. I loved getting to see her reunite with Abel (no spoilers there, you guys knew they were coming back together; I’ll say nothing more on how that comes about). I enjoyed their growth together as a pair. Now, as for Abel, man, he goes through so much in this book. This is really the book when he’s challenged and you get to truly see his human side as well as his mech side. There’s an odd marriage of the two sides of him and it’s really fascinating. He has to deal with a lot of issues that I won’t really go into so as not to spoil things. I loved his storyline in this book.

The pacing and writing in this book were so well done that I don’t have much to say on them. I love Claudia Gray’s writing and I’m pretty sure I will forever. She leaves the reader with just the right amount of feeling so as to keep you hooked at every chapter end. Definitely worth reading. I can’t wait to go back later and re-read it with my print copy to see the writing on the page. The audiobook did a great job with it, but I can’t wait to see it in writing.

The one thing I’m a little miffed about with this series is the cover changes. I absolutely love the original Defy the Stars book cover and I think they made another one to match this book. Honestly, I prefer not to have people on the cover, especially for a story like this one. I was a little disappointed to see them changing the first book and making them with people. They’re still pretty but man, I loved the dark aesthetics of the first book with the brilliant splash of color. The magnet on my fridge has that same color scheme and it’s the best man! Challenge. Resist. Defy… the cover changes.

I’d definitely recommend this series. At least now, you guys all know that this book is not the final in a duology, but the second in a trilogy (at least). I was excited for a duology, but I’ll gladly take more in this universe. Go pick up a copy of Defy the Worlds at your local library or bookstore. The audiobook narration is really well done with a male and female narrator for each character’s chapters. If you’re interested in that, I know they sell it on Audible, or you can check your local library’s Overdrive (or whatever other resources they provide with audiobooks).

Thanks for reading! If you like this review, drop me a comment. I’d love to chat about this wonderful series more! aleya signature

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