Shh, I’m Reading: March & April 2018 Monthly Audiobook Wrap-Up

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Shh, We’re Listening Reading!

We’re picking up an old feature we barely got started called Shh, I’m Reading. We’ll be doing this wrap-up post to highlight the audiobooks we’ve read throughout the past two months. Jess and I (Aleya) are audiobook fiends, especially Jess. Check out what we read for the months of March and April and see what we thought of them.


♥ Loved


After I read The Hunger Games a million years ago, I was like a fiend looking for something just like it.  None of my friends had read the books, so I couldn’t get any good recommendations. THEN, I discovered the world that is Goodreads and my life forever changed. Suddenly, I had access to lists of books that could satisfy my YA dystopian needs.  One of them was Neal Shusterman’s Unwind.  A couple of years later I started blogging, went to an event, and got to meet Shusterman.  The thing about him is that he writes these worlds that hinge on the crux of a huge issue we face in our own reality.  He takes this one issue and solves it, with the same charisma as the genie who says “be careful what you wish for.” You’d think a world that had mastered death, that had solved the most complex issues we face today would be so much more wonderful. And yet, humans are still just that, human.  Scythe and ThunderHead blew my mind and I absolutely cannot wait to find out where we are going next in this series!

Son of the Dawn, aka ANOTHER book with Jem talking about Will Herondale, making Jess cry.  But also, TINY Jace, Izzy, and Alec. Everything to love except how fast it was over.

I think this is one of my favorite reads of 2018 and I didn’t even really check it out for myself. I thought it would be something my daughter would love and totally got swept away. The other four books in the series are now sitting on my phone waiting to be read.

I’ve read the Diviners twice before this run, but I’d never read the second book.  Now that the third is out, I figured it was time. And after I was fully sucked in, I realized there is one more book to wait for and proceeded to cry a little bit, because UGH these cliffs… I don’t like the hanging!

Really Liked


REREAD for like the fourth time! I’m OBSESSED with Greek Mythology, especially the Persephone/Hades retelling. Since I’d put some distance between my last read, I decided to invest in the audiobooks for Aimee Carter’s series. It was definitely worth the $3.49 a piece (thank you, Whispersync!) and just reawoke my fire for Greek myths, one that I’m STILL trying to satisfy. This is a great series for P/H fans and one you’ll really enjoy listening to.

REREAD for like the fourth time as well! I absolutely LOVE Indie series that fly under the radar – because that means I get to pluck a gem and then shout about it to the world. The best part about Kaitlin’s series is that it is now on audiobook. The production quality isn’t always the greatest, but it’s worth the few minor issues. And the best part is Kaitlin herself narrates, so you know she’s going to get it right. This is an incredible series and I still get a little flabbergasted more people don’t know about it.

March and April were really just about getting back into books while managing a newborn baby, a house full of three kids and a husband, and going back to work. So, my reading list, especially my audiobooks were full of comfort food. I needed something I could just jump into, something I was familiar with and knew I’d love.  The Open Minds series is just that – a wonderfully built sci-fi world with interesting and compelling characters. The first book in the series is free on e-book, so it is definitely worth checking out!



This is my third time to read this series and one I always listen to.  I love the idea behind it and how quick I can buzz through the series. There’s plenty to like about the series (the ghosts aren’t that scary, the characters are fun and full of life, it’s entertaining), but I consider it like cotton candy of the book world. But gosh darn-it, sometimes I just NEED cotton candy!

My Complete List of March & April Audiobook Listens

Goddess Test | Goddess Interrupted | Goddess Inheritance | Persephone | Daughter of Earth and Sky | The Iron Queen | Open Minds | Closed Hearts | Free Souls | Scythe | Thunderhead | Son of the Dawn | The Diviners | Lair of Dreams | Before the Devil Breaks You | An Enchantment of Ravens | Story Thieves | Awakening: Lily Dale


♥ Loved


the cruel prince audiobook

I’d seen Holly Black’s books around before but never had I read any until now. I picked up The Cruel Prince and was instantly hooked. I really loved getting to know the world she created. I also loved getting to know the intrigue of the faerie court. It’s such an interesting world with dynamic characters. Jude was a fascinating main character. I liked getting to see what she was going to do and seeing where her decisions took her. I won’t lie, I super ship her and Prince Cardan. I know she’s gotta be setting them up and I can’t wait to see more of it. The audiobook is really well done, I’d definitely recommend it. Pick this one up!

long way down audiobook

Okay guys, I have a new huge obsession with Jason Reynolds. I’ve been devouring his books and was so excited to see this one pop up on so many awards lists. I picked it up and when I started the audiobook I got really sad. The audiobook is super short and I didn’t realize why until later. I finished this book and loved every moment of it. It’s incredible. The reason the audiobook is so short is because it’s actually poetry. The audio is so well done though because Jason Reynolds himself narrates it in order to make sure the pauses are just right. He does an incredible job. I loved every minute of that less than 3 hour audiobook. Definitely pick this one up.

I absolutely loved Aristotle and Dante Discovered the Secrets of the Universe, so I was super excited to get my hands on this one. I got to hear the author at TLA last year speak about this book and it lived up to my expectations. t’s a story about family, love, and friendship. It deals with a lot of real life issues like death of loved ones, adoption, drugs, and more. It’s one of the most beautiful books I’ve read recently.

I went into this book knowing absolutely nothing. I had no idea what it was going to be about or anything. I’m so happy with it! I really enjoyed getting to know this alternate/dystopian reality. It was such a fascinating book. Camellia is such a strong and wonderful character. I really liked her ambition and her sense of rightness. I loved the way she thought about beauty and I was impressed with her ability to fight back. She’s such a strong character and I can’t wait to see more of her.

I loved Claudia Gray’s Lost Stars book, so I was really excited to get this one. The audiobook was like listening to a movie a lot of the times. There was music, sound effects, background noise, and lots of other things that really helped to immerse the reader. I usually don’t like when books do that but this one was very cleanly done. You never had to worry about not being able to hear what she was saying. Instead it lent itself to the immersive nature of the audiobook. Getting to know more of Leia from her childhood was a lot of fun and amazing. She’s a strong character and worth reading even more about. I loved getting to see her grow up and become the princess we know.

Really Liked



I really liked all of these books. UprootedAmerican Street, and All the Crooked Saints were incredible in the fact that they have accented authors. They were really well done. I enjoyed getting to know all of the characters and all of the world in these.

The narrator for Uprooted had a really cool Polish accent that lent itself to the story. It was easy to get to know the world through her voice. It’s such an interesting world and listening to someone else read the magic of the book was much better than reading it myself. It added to the magic of the book.

American Street was really cool because it was a Haitian accent with some french thrown in. I love listening to books with diverse characters because it’s so much better to listen to their accents and languages than try to read it myself. The narrator did a great job doing the various accents of the characters. She could jump from the Haitian accent to the American accent.

All the Crooked Saints had a really beautiful narration to it. It was such a beautiful and magical book and the narrator made that happen. There were a lot of diverse characters and she handled the various accents amazingly.

I picked up Everneath because Jess talked about it a lot. I enjoyed getting to know this world and couldn’t help but enjoy the drama. I ended up finishing off the whole series within these two months. It was good, but not the greatest. I enjoyed the world but frankly, the characters left something to be desired.

An unexpected pleasure was Crazy Messy Beautiful. I expected a lot of angst with this one for some reason. It didn’t have as much angst as I anticipated. It was such a beautiful little book. It wasn’t the best but it was well worth the time. Neruda is such an adorable character. His love of love is adorable.

A World Without You was a really tough read. It was powerful, heartbreaking, and beautiful. It’s a book about mental health, family, love and so much more. This book was tough but well worth every minute. The audiobook narration was done really well. You get two narrators who do Bo and Phoebe. They really sell the characters and bring you into their respective worlds.

I picked up Astrophysics for People in a Hurry  because it was a short book and I wanted to finish another book before the end of the day. I finished it but I’ll need to reread or re-listen to truly start to get it all in my brain. I really enjoyed what Tyson did with this book. While I know I need to reread it, I also came out of it knowing quite a bit more about astrophysics. He made it fun to read and enjoyable. There was a lot of depth to it but it also had some funny bits here and there. He even made some references that a ton of kids won’t recognize but they’ll land with the current generations. I really enjoyed getting to learn a little about astrophysics and am definitely interested in learning more.





My Complete List of January Audiobook Listens

Uprooted | Everneath | Immortal Reign | The Cruel Prince | Long Way Down | American Street | All the Crooked Saints | Crazy Messy Beautiful | Moxie | Everbound | Evertrue | History is All You Left Me | Attachments | The Belles | The Inexplicable Logic of My Life | A World Without You | Astrophysics for People in a Hurry | Leia, Princess of Alderaan | An Enchantment of Ravens | Defy the Worlds


Let us know what you’re listening to and if you’ve listened to those we listed. Thanks for reading!

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