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Such a Novel Idea is a blog about books. We love all things books, whether it be children’s, young adult, new adult, or adult.   All our posts are dedicated to books & reading: whether it be memes (up to 5x week), reviews (up to 4-5x week), blog tours (up to 3-4x week), or book promotions (up to 3-4x week).  We post every day of the week – 1 meme or fun post and one promo/cover reveal/blog tour/review post.

Such a Novel Idea wants to feature other creatives – whether it be books, handmade items, fashion, photography, art – whatever the creative medium is, we want to feature it! We’d love to feature other bloggers as well!  We will also feature authors and books we feel our audience will enjoy.  Sponsorship does not include book promotion outside the side banner.  Sponsors will receive a spot on the left navigation bar of the blog.

Press & Features:
Book website endorsement quote These Broke Stars
Author website endorsement quote The Forgotten Ones
Review blue featured in paperback version Taking Back Forever
And many more!

Some Stats: Updated on May 6, 2015
Total Blog Subscribers: ~6882
Bloglovin: 2381
Twitter: Followers: 1671 (Jess) 314 (Loren)
Facebook: 2415 fans
Pinterest: 583 (Jess), 547 (Loren)
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Average Page Views per Day: 190 – 260
Average Views per Month: 5700 – 7800
Unique Visitors per month: 2,900-3450

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If you are interested in information regarding sponsorship on Such a Novel Idea, contact me at suchanovelidea11(at)gmail(dot)com.

*PLEASE NOTE* I no longer use advertisements on Passionfruit Ads.


Other ways to be featured on Such a Novel Idea:
Book Reviews:  I feature reviews for books that myself and my co-bloggers feel our readers will enjoy.  Visit our review policy page for more information.

Disclosure Statement:
Such a Novel Idea is a for-profit blog. Money from sponsors is used to maintain the blog hosting as well as pay for more giveaways for our lovely readers! Advertisement pricing is subject to change as readership grows. All billing is processed using Paypal and Passionfruit and must be completed before you are featured on Such a Novel Idea. If you would like more details on our sponsorship program, please contact me via email at: suchanovelidea11(at)

We pride ourselves on our credibility as reviewers.  We do not accept money in return for book reviews or other promotional posts.  All reviews and promotions are done by our discretion, for books we feel our readers will enjoy.  We do receive copies of books or ARC’s in exchange for a fair, honest review.

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